Get Your Natural Hair Regimen Right: 3 Reasons Why Yours Might Not Be Working

Listen up, ladies. We all know that having a healthy natural hair regimen is a must-have when you’re transitioning to natural hair or maintaining healthy locks. But let’s be real, obtaining healthy natural hair isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It requires effort, patience, and a little more TLC than relaxed hair styles. After all, naturally curly hair is delicate, requires tons of moisture, and is subject to extreme tangles. So, let’s talk about three reasons why your natural hair regimen may not be working for you.

  1. You Lack Consistency

Look, we get it. Life happens, and sometimes you don’t feel like adding an extra step to your wash day process. One week you’re all about Shea Moisture, and the next week you’re trying out every new product suggested by your favorite YouTuber. But let me tell you, consistency is key, hun. Once a week, deep condition your hair using the same moisturizing and protein deep conditioners. Install a braid-out once a week as well, so you know that style will last at least three days and cut down on over-manipulating your hair. Trust me; over time, you’ll train your curls to know what they like. Stick to a product that works for you, and create a weekly style plan that you can stick to.

  1. You’re Using Strategies Not Suited for Your Hair Type

So, you’re still following that super popular blogger with 3-b/c hair, but you have tighter coils? Let me tell you something; you’re setting yourself up for failure. Listen to your hair, boo. Use products that work for your hair type. Recently, I fell in love again with Shea Butter. It works wonders for my 4b-4c curls, sealing moisture like crazy. But if I were following a blogger with looser type 3 hair texture, they probably wouldn’t mention Shea Butter as part of their regimen, as it weighs their curls down and leaves a greasy mess. Stop the curl envy and find YouTubers that cater to your hair type.

  1. You’re Impatient

Let’s face it; there’s really no way around this. Many women transitioning or newly embracing their natural hair will try a style once and decide it’s not for them. But practice makes perfect, honey. You’re not going to master the art of the wash and go on your first, second, or even third attempt. Trust me, I’ve tried at least a million times before I was successful. But don’t get discouraged, focus on loving your hair and being patient. With a little practice, sweat, and patience, you’ll master any style like a pro.

In conclusion, ladies, having a healthy natural hair regimen is essential, but it takes effort, patience, and a bit of trial and error. So, get consistent with your wash day routine, use products that cater to your hair type, and be patient with your hair. After all, your natural hair is your crown, so wear it with pride, and let it shine!