How To Clean Braided Hair Without Washing or Ruining Your Braids

Are you tired of washing your braids every time you want them to look and smell good? Well, it turns out that washing isn’t the only solution. There are several ways to keep your braids clean without washing them. Here’s how to clean braided hair without ruining your braids.

Dry shampoo is the quickest and easiest way to clean your hair without soap and water. Dry shampoo is specially designed to remove oils from the scalp and hair within a minute or two, leaving you with fresh-looking braids without excess oil. Sprinkle some of the dry shampoo onto your roots and scalp, then wait for a minute or two before rubbing the dry shampoo in with your fingertips. Use your towel or t-shirt to blot away the excess dry shampoo, and you’re good to go!

Another solution is the apple cider vinegar braid cleanser. Apple cider vinegar helps to break down buildup and oil deposits on your scalp and hair to increase the longevity of your braided styles. Mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water, pour the mixture into a plastic spray bottle, then hold the spray bottle a few inches away from your head and spray your braids. For any visible buildup, gently wipe away with a moist towel or t-shirt, and proceed with your braid moisturizing routine to keep your hair hydrated.

Baby wipes are also a lifesaver when you need to clean your braids in a pinch. Simply wipe your scalp, roots, and braids with a few wipes, then proceed with your regular braid moisturizing routine. Make sure the wipes are not made of an easy-to-rip fiber, wipe gently so as not to irritate your scalp, and avoid wipes with strong fragrances if you have sensitive skin.

Witch hazel is a well-known natural skin toner and astringent that can instantly rid your scalp of the itching that comes along with dirtiness. Dispense a few ounces of witch hazel into the spray bottle, then go section by section, wiping your scalp in repetitive sweeping motions with a cotton ball. Your scalp may feel a bit dry afterward, so use your favorite oil to rehydrate it.

While you may be able to get by with one of the above remedies for some time, there are instances when washing is non-negotiable. But in the meantime, try these solutions to keep your braids looking and smelling good without the hassle of washing. Trust us, your hair and your schedule will thank you!